Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The PPK's Scalloped Potatoes and Eggplant Bacon

As promised, here's the end of the weekend roundup. On Sunday evening Tom and I got to work making the Post Punk Kitchen's scalloped potatoes and eggplant bacon!

Guys and gals, I'm not going to jerk you around. This thing was AMAZING. It was seriously delish. It was also my very first cashew-based recipe, and I am officially a convert to the cult of cashew cream sauces. Holy cow!

As far as process goes the preparation was not too bad. The most annoying part was making the bacon, since it requires fiddling around with baking trays every few minutes. For whatever reason my bacon didn't crisp up at all, not even the very thin slices. I got very nervous about this as I went on assembling the casserole because Tom invited one of our friends over, and another of my omni roommates was around and hungry. The pressure was on for this untried recipe to perform...

Oddly enough, the proportions of ingredients seemed to be off for me. I ended up using only two potatoes, and didn't have quite as much sauce as I would have liked  - I suspect my proportional oddity is due to using a deeper, shorter casserole dish rather than a more shallow dish.

Fortunately my limp bacon didn't taste any different after being tucked into a dish! All agreed that it was very tasty, and having this success really helped restore my confidence after the nightmarish pumpkin pie. Comments included, "I really can't believe this is vegan, it's so rich." These potatoes and eggplant were so good I didn't even snap a picture until we were halfway done! At least I got to take the one serving of leftovers to work for lunch today.... :>

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